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How To Select A Reliable Electrician Oftentimes, you may experience electrical issues at your residential or commercial building. In some cases, you may realize that the lights dim immediately you switch on various electronic products. Other times, some electronic products may fail to function due to low power supply, especially if you have few outlets that you plug numerous appliances. Though it may take a short period for an experienced electrician to solve an electrical Read More → Read More →

Guest Blog: The Future of TV


The migration of consumers from over-the-air television to other video platforms has prompted a debate about the role that television (TV) stations should play in the future communications marketplace. This debate has focused on only two options, each of which is supported by a competing segment of the video marketplace: •             Broadcasters support maintaining the regulatory status quo; and •             Multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) support maintaining only the unique “public interest” obligations imposed on Read More →

Big Data can help stop IPTV and cable operators being dumb pipes


Premium content will remain the primary competitive weapon for pay TV operators, both against each other and to combat the ever rising threat from OTT upstarts. But not all operators have a lot of top premium content, with the cream often lapped up by just a select few. In Germany, for example, Sky Deutschland has bagged all the rights to the top tier Bundesliga league, which is now arguably Europe’s strongest football division. Many operators Read More →

When technology gets In the way

nascar-charlotte-auto-racing cam

It’s become typical for digital production equipment to capture the action at live sports events from the behind the scenes, but last weekend at the 2013 Coca-Cola 600 NASCAR car race carried live on It seems the tethered “cablecam” system that Fox Sports typically uses—and debuted only this year—malfunctioned during the race. One of the three cables (a Nylon rope) that suspends the camera over the track snapped in lap 121of the 400-lap NASCAR Sprint Read More →

Broadcast Engineering Basics


he purpose of this section is to provide an introduction to digital TV transmission issues for those of you who are interested. None of the material in here is really needed for an MHP developer, or even for someone developing MHP middleware. If you want that, take a look at the introduction to MPEG and digital TV systems. Instead, this is an introduction to how data gets from the camera or tape to the viewer’s Read More →

Digital and Social Media Legal Issues for Broadcasters – Exercise Care in Using Internet Content on Your Digital Properties, And Why Fair Use is Not Always a Defense


Social media and other digital platforms are playing a more and more important part of the business of traditional media companies.  In the last few weeks, I’ve participated in two seminars, looking at the legal issues that arise in these areas.  At the Winter Convention of the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association, I conducted a seminar outlining the legal issues that broadcasters need to consider in their digital media endeavors.  The slides from that presentation are available Read More →

Here’s why your next TV will watch


When you are surfing the web, it’s pretty clear you are being monitored. Using several technologies, most notably website cookies, your browsing habits can be tracked, and ads can be served up based on your interests. But what if your TV had the same capability? It will. The future is about to arrive, and it actually will happen this year. But are you ready to have your viewing habits and interests tracked in your own Read More →

Improving your Digital TV Reception Without Spending a Fortune


The digital ‘revolution’ has been and gone. Analogue television signals in the UK have gone the way of the dodo and for the most part, the improvements have been cut and dry. Not only does digital television offer more channels, more options and a greater level of customisation and interactivity, but the signal itself is stronger, clearer and more stable. That’s not to say it’s perfect though, in fact many users have reported more frequent Read More →

Digital TV & HDTV Tutorial


High Definition Television (HDTV), if you have ever seen it, promises to dazzle even the most jaded home electronics fan.  The picture, as many would say, is like looking through a clear glass window.  The high resolution digital picture is so detailed that many will forget they are looking at a television screen.  So what is HDTV?  What is it all about?  What are the basic facts that you must know? In this tutorial, we Read More →

UHF Reception Guide

108755fl UNIX 100 Aerial 21-50 Terrestrial Reception 03_(500x500)

UHF Reception Guide A Guide to UHF TV Reception Presented by The National Association of Broadcasters, PBS, and Stallions Satellite and Antenna Introduction T he purpose of this Guide is to provide information for improving UHF television reception in the home. The installation techniques below have been proven with our customer’s installations over the past ten years. If followed, you should have a high quality installation that will deliver good TV reception for many years. Read More →